fredag 20 maj 2011


Är helt kär i låten, vet inte varför. Men diggar den något enormt.
Ingen aning om hur mpnga gånger jag har lyssnat på den, men kanske 10 idag? Och dagen har inte ens börjat ;)

Utdrag från låten:

" Chickies snappin’ at the neck when we rollin’ up (Michael: Rollin’up!)

Club front doors ain’t no holdin’ up

Black card at the bar like I gives a fuck (Michael: Come on!)

This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate so brave on the seven seas (Andy: What?)

A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga

Raven locks sway on the ocean breeze

Yeah, that was kinda weird but we’re back in the club

Buyin’ out the bar so the groupies show us love (Michael: Keira Knightley!)

A fifth of ice man

I’m the top gunna

Heater on blast

I’m the number one stunna (Michael: Jack Sparrow!)

Watch your girl because I ain’t your mister nice guy

More like the meet ya take you home and fuck you twice guy

All dressed up with nowhere to run

I know I make you feel crazy when I—

(Michael: Now back to the good part!!!)

One day he was born

He yearned for adventure
(Andy: NO!)

Oh Captain Jack (Jorma: Yeah)

He’s the pauper of the surf

The jester of Tortuga

But in Davy Jones locker

What lies in store? (Akiva: Yeah, we’ve seen the movie) "

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