fredag 4 februari 2011

alla killar där ute! ta till er!

 Guy: brb
Girl: ok
*2 hours later*
Guy: back
Girl: what took you so long?
Guy: someone asked me why i loved you


Girl: "Describe a hot girl."
Boy: "Blonde hair, huge boobs,brown eyes."
Girl: "Then i guess I'm not a hot girl."
Boy: "You never said to describe a perfect girl."


Boy:Always be careful!
Boy:DEFG. Don't ever forget girl!
Girl:Are you?
Boy:HI. Happy Inlove.
Boy:JKLM. Just keep loving me.
Girl:So, how about NOPQRSTUVWXYZ??
Boy:(thinks) No other person quite reasonable shall treat u very well except me, you'll zee! ♥

Gf: I had the best dream about us last nite.
Bf: O thats nice but im not able to dream anymore.
Gf: why?
Bf: cuz all my dreams came true when i met you. :)


älskar sånna här facebooks gillningar, synd bara att det aldrig händer mer än i drömmar : o  ; )

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